"Children are the worlds most valuable resources and its best hope for the future"

John F. Kennedy


Donna Rankin Story

DonnapicHeart to Heart is an Australian social program that focuses on re engaging young women within the community who have faced adversity and great challenge. Using art as its major tool for connection and change, heart to Heart has two core programs: one, the ‘school based program ‘ and two, a humanitarian journey to Vietnam where the young people reach out to the children of the Vung Tau Orphanage and Long Hai Centre School.  Prior to their journey to Vietnam , the young women, with the help of their community, raise funds for both centres with the hope of offering positive change for orphaned and disadvantaged children.

Heart to Heart has recently added ‘Heart to Heart Mothers and Daughters’, a humanitarian journey and bonding experience for Mothers and Daughters.  These women again raise funds for the Children of Vung Tau and Long Hai Centre.

Heart to Heart has now had 3 trips to Vietnam in which all who have participated have found it a life changing experience. Spending time with the children is inspiring, uplifting and heartwarming.   Heart to Heart aims to offer hope and love and make positive practical change in their young lives.

Donna Rankin