"It takes a whole village to raise a child"

African Proverb


Michèle Duguay-Desautels Story

Michele Duguay-DesautelIn 2006, when my husband and myself were visiting the orphanage where our grand-daughter, Léa-Thien, had been adopted, I felt I wanted to do more for the children and the nannies.  So upon returning home in Montréal, Canada, I started to learn the Vietnamese language so I could, one day after retirement, come and spend some time trying to be helpful.  So, in 2013 I returned to volunteer. Still a beginner in Vietnamese, but I made myself understood, the experience was overwhelming… the warm welcome from everyone, the little attention I could give each handicapped child, the little gifts so appreciated by all, especially the older school children, and more.  Sad to leave the orphanage to return home, I had promised to be back the next fall but it happened two years later and towards the end of 2015 I returned and everyone welcomed me as part of their big family.  Of course, I wish and hope to spend time at the orphanage again.

Michèle Duguay-Desautels